Online Paid Advertising

Online Paid Advertising

With around 50% (and growing) of the world’s population going online each year, can you afford not to have a presence online? When people are looking for things they are turning more and more to online.  

Such is the acceptance of the internet, when people hear of businesses they will now tend to search first online to find out more details.  

The king of online search engines is Google, commanding around 75% of the market and 4.4 billion searches per day. Paid ads on Google’s search network are a great way to be found! 

Google ads

When people are searching for a particular product or service on Google’s search network they are demonstrating a “high intent” to take actionThey are specifically interested in what they are searching for. For that reason, Google search is one of the best platforms for generating new business directly. 

With our Google certified specialists we can make sure your ads appear for searches relevant to your business. 

Google display ads

Want to build your “market presence”, then Google Display ads are a great option. They don’t tend to generate the same number of direct sales as Search Ads, but what they do, do is help build your market profileThe reality is that at any one time only a few people will be in the market for what you are offering. What you can do with these types of ads, is influence their decision when they do decide they need your product or service. How? If they see your display ad frequently online, either consciously or subconsciously, this will help influence their decision process when they do need what you have to offer! 


With the Bing search engine automatically loaded to Windows computersand receiving around 874 million searches worldwide per day it should not be ignored. Bing is particularly strong with older searches and offers much cheaper costs per click than Google. Bing is a great supplement to Google, in fact in a study by Wordstream they found that those that ran Bing ads in conjunction with Google search ads, received a 26% increase in their Google searches as a consequence! Rather than necessarily competing with Google, it complemented the Google advertising. 

Digital platforms

Digital platforms offer data analysis not available with traditional forms of advertising.

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